About The Ministry
Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Ministry of Energy and Mines was established in 1993 by the Legal Notice No.37/1993 comprising of the Departments of Energy, Mines and Water resource. But later in February 1997 the department of water resources separated from the Ministry .Now it is operating with the two departments of Energy and Mines.

Mission of the Ministry

The over all mission of the Mnistry is to enhance the development and conservation of Energy and Mineral resources in a safe and environmentally sound manner in order to support the growth of national economy and betterment of the quality standards of life of the Eritrea people.

  • • Promote and guide the development of the Energy and Mine sectors
    • Ensure proper management in the implementation, exploration, promotion and utilization of energy and mineral resources in the country
    • Develop national policies and strategies for the sectors of Energy and Mines setting short and long-term standards of development plans for the sectors
    • Develop and issue laws and regulatory instruments that govern and guide the activities of the two sectors
    • Monitor the implementation process of proclamations and laws regarding Energy and Minerals
    • Ensure the availability of updated data for the proper utilization of concerned government institutions and  foreign and domestic investors
    • Assess the national Energy and Mineral resources potentials of the country and promote their development by creating conducive environment for both local and foreign investors Undertake training and create employment opportunities for citizens
Tasks and Responsibilities

The tasks and authorities of the Ministry is to focus on four major issues that is, Policy development, Regulatory activities, Developmental research and Training matters with in the departments of Mines  and  Energy.

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