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Tuesday, 06 January 2009

The application of wind energy for water pumping dates back to the Italian colonial era. Mechanical wind water pumps were installed at small towns and villages such as Dekemhare, Ma’ereba etc, where one can still see some of their traces. These pumps used to play a great role in supplying water to the commercial farms in the areas. How ever due to lack of proper maintenance and spare parts, none of the pumps is currently in use.

In Eritrea wind energy can be utilized for different application such as;

Wind turbines with a connectio to the inter-connected grid
Medium and small size wind turbines installation with connection to a SCS

Recently completed GEF sponsored pilot project of Wind Farm in the southern coastal area in the port of Assab has shown that the southern coastal area has a huge potential of wind energy.

Assab Wind Farm

Assab, one of the two port cities of Eritrea, has been a beneficiary of the wind energy pilot project. The project has realized its objectives by installing a wind farm (3x250kW) by reinforcing the existing local grid prior to the installation of the wind turbines. A French company Vergnet S.A.- has constructed the Assab Wind Farm and the civil works have executed by a local sub-contractor known as Mussa Ali Construction Company. The grid reinforcement design and installation performed by Eritrean Electricity Corporation- the national utility company.

The Assab Wind Farm was commissioned in November 2007 and has been generating and supplying additional clean power to the Assab grid ever since. The wind farm is expected to cover about 15-25% of annual electricity demand of port city of Assab.

This project has shown that the southern coastal area has a huge potential for wind energy.
More over it is feasible to install small scale decentralized off grid wind stand-alone, wind-diesel or wind-solar hybrid systems in the southern coastal area in places like Rahaita, Berasoli, Edi Beilul, Gahro and in the northern Red sea at Gizgza and and central high lands at Dekemhare.

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 October 2009 )
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