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Back ground and General Situation of EEC PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Eritrea Electricity Corporation ( EEC) is a government owned public utility. It provides all the services, related to electrical energy that includes generation, Transmission, distribution and sales throughout the country. For this, EEC manages two systems, the interconnected system (ISC) and self-contained system (SCS). Here most of the electricity generation is produced by the ICS, estimated to 92% and the rest is from the SCS.

At this time the EEC has 133.95 MW installed capacity, out of which 90.72MW is generated from Hirgigo, the largest supplier of the ICS as well as 28.5 MW is from other ICS and the remaining 14.76 MW is generated from the SCS.

Recently electricity consumption per capita reaches about 61kwh. And the total electricity consumption in the country per year estimates 230GWH (2007). At this time, proportion of the population with an access of electricity supply stretch to 32%.

In addition the rate of increase of electricity demand assumed to be 3.4% in a year. As per the Ministry of Energy and Mines plan 50% of the country is to be electrified by 2015.

Source of Electricity
Out of the total sources of Energy of the country, electricity comprises 3.5% (2007). At this time the main source of electricity production is conventional thermal, especially fuels. And a very little amount is generated from solar and wind energy. In this way thermal energy encompasses 99%. The remaining 0.59% and 0.41% is generated from solar and wind energy accordingly.

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 October 2009 )
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