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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Eritreans have been cooking on the traditional oven also known as mogogo, for centuries. Approximately 67% of primary energy in Eritrea is biomass, which is consumed in the household sectors for cooking.

Fuel wood, biomass, which is the main source of energy in Eritrea, plays a dominant role in fulfilling the energy needs of the rural community.

As The traditional stove is inefficient and smoky , smoke emitted by traditional stove causes eye and lung diseases for mothers and their children .The traditional mogogo also sits on the floor and is open, putting children at risk for potential stove burns.

The ERTC found that the existing household biomass-fired traditional stove has a very low efficiency of about 7 to 8% . This contributes to deforestation and diminished standards of living, as much time is lost in fuel wood fetching and/or purchasing fuel wood.

Taking into consideration the problems, such as, huge consumption of biomass fuel, degradation of Eritrea forests and smoke born diseases, ERTC (Energy Research and Training Center) has developed high efficient and environmentally friendly biomass stove. The new innovated High Efficiency Biomass Stove has more than 25 % efficiency and providing great benefit to the society .

Program out comes and activities:

The ERTC is working hard to introduce the stoves at the beneficiaries' houses and provide training, which allows the beneficiaries to be independent and able to construct the stove properly by local skill and materials.

Finally several tests have been conducted out to evaluate the social acceptability of the improved stove. Successive test have proven that the new improved stove is highly accepted by the beneficiaries, as it has great benefits in terms of social, health and economic.

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 October 2009 )
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