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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Scientific studies show that the effect of climate change and global warming is largely due to emissions of carbon dioxide and other green-house gas from several sources. These changes are creating a diverse impact on climate, as a result causing a lot of damages to the global economy.

Taking these facts into consideration the Ministry of Energy and Mines is taking several green house gas mitigation measures to create a friendly environment and save our world.

Part of these mitigation measures is the improvement and dissemination of high efficiency energy appliance, specially improved biomass stove.

Ministry of Energy and Mines, in collaboration with other governmental and non governmental institutions has initiated a program called "High Efficient Improved Stove Dissemination Program." Through this program, more than 85,600 stoves have been installed through out the country are saving tones of carbon emissions.

Each installed improved stove has the potential of reducing the household biomass energy consumption by 50% and reduces 0.6 tons yearly of greenhouse gases. This is creating a huge market for carbon credit.

Department of energy has been selling carbon credts in collaboration with its partners and has sold tons of carbon credits.

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 October 2009 )
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