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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Renewable  Energy  Center

Renewable Energy center under the Ministry of Energy and Mines has been established in 1992. The main objectives for its establishment are studying, assessing and developing the potential of renewable energy resources and promoting the efficient use of all energy resources of the country.

It encompasses three main units namely:

  • • Appropriate technology Unit
    • small energy enterprise Unit
  •  • Training Unit 

The center has mechanical workshop, electrical, electronic work shop and wood work shop with vast display area.

Mission statement

The mission of the Renewable  Energy Center in a broad sense is:

  • • To introduce renewable energy technology throughout the country.
    • To ensure safety on renewable energy technology applications
    • Create awareness and assure proper utilization of renewable energy technologies
    • Protect the environment by reducing pollutions and using clean energy technology

Renewable Energy Center  main activities

The main activities are as follows:

  • • Promote, develope and introduce renewable energy technology theory and applications throughout the country.
    • Promote conventional energy technology holding theory and applications
    • Conduct climate change and environmental impact assessment related to energy development projects
    • Perform energy conservation and efficiency measures on improved stove, biogas and electric mogogo
    • By studying and surveying the existence energy applications and change it into more economical and efficient renewable energy resources
    • Provide training both for beneficiaries (especially in remote areas), engineers and technicians on renewable energy technologies
    • Conduct research and assess development potentials on renewable energy resources and submit proposals for development of these resources
    • Design, test and promotion of locally build appropriate RETs technologies such as; solar cookers, improved stoves, solar thermal and other energy appliances
    • Collect adequate wind and solar energy data from existing 25 metrological stations and process it and analyzing to produce energy map
    • Provide technical advices, show demonstrations and rise awareness on renewable energy technologies
    • Conduct Carbon verification surveys for carbon credit accreditation.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 September 2010 )
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