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Friday, 31 October 2008

The Mining Law permits the following types of licenses:-

Prospecting License, valid for one year and nonrenewable

Exploration License, valid for an initial period of three years, but which may be renewed twice for additional terms of one year each, with an option for further renewals in appropriate circumstances 

Mining License, valid for a period of 20 years with optional 10-year renewals.

All of these licenses are exclusive and grant their holders an automatic right to obtain an Exploration License from within a Prospecting License and a Mining License from an Exploration License, subject to the fulfillment of the obligations under the preceding license. Although the maximum area that a single license can cover is fixed at 100 Km2 for a Prospecting License, 50Km2 for an Exploration License and 10Km2 for a Mining License, simultaneous possession of multiple contiguous licenses is permitted.
Applications for any of these licenses may be made by individuals or legal entities of any nationality. All applications are to be made on specified forms that can be obtained from the Department of Mines of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and must be accompanied by a nonrefundable processing (registration) fee of US$1 per page of each application and the supporting documentation presented. Successful applicants are also subject to a payment of license fees and the first year’s rental upon the issue of a license. The rate of these fees is governed by Regulation and is at present as follows:-


License License Fee (per license US $ approximately Annual Rental (per Km2 US$ approximately)
Prospecting 80 8
Exploration 240 32
Mining 960 96

Last Updated ( Thursday, 17 June 2010 )
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