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Friday, 31 October 2008
Article Index
The Geology of Eritrea
Precambrian Basement Rocks
Mesozoic Sediments
Tertiary Volcanics and Sediments
The Tertiary Sediments
Quaternary Sediments

The Tertiary Sediments

The Tertiary sediments lie along the Rift escarpment and in central Afar. Three sedimentary formations have been identified: the Danakil, Dogali and Desset Formations. The Danakil and Dogali Formations are of late Tertiary age and are composed mainly of limestones intercalated with conglomeratic sandstones and siltstones. They are overlain by calcareous sands with coral reefs, partly consisting of
pebbles of volcanic origin, and gravels with sand, silt and clay horizons. The Desset Formation comprises sandstones, clays and fine beds of anhydrite and halite unconformably overlying the Dogali formation in the northern part of the coast, while the Red Series containing coarse clastic fresh water sediments occupies the southern part of the coast.

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