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Friday, 31 October 2008
Article Index
The Geology of Eritrea
Precambrian Basement Rocks
Mesozoic Sediments
Tertiary Volcanics and Sediments
The Tertiary Sediments
Quaternary Sediments

Mesozoic Sediments

The lower Mesozoic sediments are represented by the Merbet (Adigrat) Sandstone which outcrops in the southern part of the country and in the Danakil area, and is commonly intercalated with siltstones and hematitic layers. It lies unconformably over thin layers of conglomeratic sandstones which, in places, appear to have the characteristics of a glacial deposit. Overlying the sandstone is the Jurassic Adailo (Antalo) Limestone. This unit is exposed over a large area in the Danakil and is made up of limestones that are compact, partly shelly, fossiliferous and layered. Alternations of quartzitic layers are present in the lower part, whilst towards the upper part the sequence becomes mainly gypsiferous to dolomitic. The Upper Sandstone forms pockets of sandstones that have been preserved from erosion. Commonly this sandstone is medium to coarse grained, light coloured, and dominantly quartzitic but partly conglomeratic.

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