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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The over all distribution of Improved biomass stoves ,total VERs , sold VERs and unsold VERs in different Zones of Eritrea are illustrated in the following table.

Region (Zones) Name No. of Stove Project (Village) No. of planned or claimed Stoves Monitored Stoves Verified VERs Sold VERs Unsold VERs
S_RedSea - - - - - -
Maekel 61 8,374 5,842 9,042 4,238 4,804
N_RedSea 3 900 - - - -
Anseba 16 3,183 - - -
Gash Barka 59 11,631 8,752 14,658 3,000 11,658
Debub 182 19,389 8819 568 130 438
Total 321 43,477 23,413 24,268 7,368 16,900

Registered Improved Stove

Registered improved stove refer to the improved stove disseminated as claimed by the reporter from the institution who did the implementation work. In our terminology the name of the village designates the name of the improved biomass stove project.

Monitored Improved Stove

Monitored improved stove requires compilation of the following activities:
Village administrator interview
Stove count
Efficiency test
Household interview (Carbon credit interview)

Verified Improved Stove

The term verified improved stoves stands for those improved stoves monitored and when third party
independent verifier checks and gives approval for the monitoring activities carried out in the project.
Specific verification activities consisted of reviewing the data from the village interviews, and visiting a relatively small subset of villages and communities those have improved biomass stove projects

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 July 2010 )
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