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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
Wind Energy Potential

Eritrea belongs to a geographical area with a good wind potential. The potential has been verified by collecting wind data all across the country as part of the Wind and Solar Monitoring Network (WSMN). This actual potential varies between 5.5 and 7 m/s. This potential represents a global energy potential of around 2,500 kWh/year/kW installed.

The historical and recent data suggested that the southern coastal region has very good wind conditions for electricity generation. The measurements as reflected in the wind-class classification shows Assab and Gahro, close to the border with Djibouti to the south, have among the best potentials in Africa. Windy passes that are suited for electricity generation also exist inthe northern mountains as represented by the Dekemhare and Gizgiza stations. The critical average wind speed for wind pumping of about 2.5 m/s is available throughout Eritrea.

Recently completed GEF sponsored pilot project , Assab Wind Farm , Wind energy application project in the southern coastal areas has shown that the southern coastal area has a huge potential of wind energy.

Solar Energy Potential

There is no doubt that Eritrea has a very high potential for utilisation of solar energy. Possible uses are solar photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters and sterilizers, solar crop dryers and tobacco curing, solar desalination plants, solar cooling and refrigeration, solar thermal electricity generation and are among the investment opportunities. A local partial manufacture of solar photovoltaic panels and associated batteries is highly beneficial and attractive to reduce costs.

Eritrea is situated at the area of the world benefiting the highest solar irradiation.
The data collected from the show indicate that the country has solar resources around 5 to 6 kWh/m²/day. The average annual daily radiation is over 4 kWh/m² and some regions have more than 6 kWh/m². This shows that there is a high potential for solar energy like photovoltaic and solar thermal. Under these conditions we can figure out that 1 m2 solar panel can satisfy the average electricity demand of one households in Eritrea.

Geothermal Energy Potential

Part of Eritrea is situated in a volcanic area. Measurements at the volcanic mountain indicate an underlying hydrothermal reservoir with a temperature in the range of 250 - 350C. Studies sponsored by USAID have concluded that the water to rock ratio in the reservoir is high enough for a developable hydro-thermal system. It appears as possible to install one or several power stations in this area. The distance to the existing transmission line between Massawa and Asmara is not more than about 100 km, which makes the site even more interesting for development. More detailed studies are however necessary for an assessment of the financial and environmental feasibility of exploiting this geothermal resource.

Biomass Energy Potential

There are enough indications that there is already good potential for modern biomass energy usage in certain locations in Eritrea: -

The Alighider Farm Estate has the potential to supply raw materials (cotton and sorghum stalks, elephant grass, banana leaves etc.) for briquette production for at least 15 plants each of capacity 4000 tons per year. Briquettes, a chopped and compressed agricultural waste, are excellent replacement for fuelwood and charcoal. Alternatively, the Agricultural waste could be used to generate electricity thermally.

Biogas plants could be installed in Elabered Agro-industry and other smaller dairy farms.Biogas could be generated from cactus treeE nergy recovery from municipal solid and liquid wastes Energy crops, like Salicornia that can grow with seawater (being developed by Sea Water Farm), could generate electricity for local uses or for feeding the central grid. Dissemination of improved wood stoves throughout rural or urban Eritrea is highly desirable and attractive for artisans or entrepreneurs.

Click here to get more information on opportunities in the Energy Sector of Eritrea.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 22 October 2009 )
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